2019 Indispensable Reference SIGNS & SYMBOLS OF SUCCESS including The Matriarchy of Brands

30 years of sales success demonstrate dozens of turnkey applications for ELEV8R production of BRANDS


With over three decades of strategic brand experience creating timeless, effective tactical brand strategies, like those illustrated here, as well as many more, we have a firm foundation in the crossover of brands and technology:

Catherine Vu Pro Active IT

Nailed it: right the first time

Pro Active IT

Client work that stands the test of time. Pro-Active IT above, one of our Edmonton success stories. High tech meets agriculture with the advent of Linus7; appealing widely in a very conservative industry, one of the first brands that applied BRAND ELEV8R technology.

The Government of Alberta Ministry of Restructuring.

Development of leading work in generating the Alberta Public Service Values

An extensive background in branded special events and meta analysis allowed us, on certain occasions, to develop rich historical data and perspective, while informing a new conversation inclusive of respect. Rise in employee engagement was phenomenal.

Harmonic ELEV8R technology filters and orders data, on an atomic level:

Structures in place map specifically to emotively clad preferences, located in the brain. Emotional interaction is planned, intentional, productive, instigates desirable behavior changes.

For myriad uses:

  • Staff & Team Engagement, efficiency
  • Public Recognition, branding, marketing, sales
  • Distributed Currency Systems & Platforms, engagement
    • Points, Multimedia and Rewards Systems & Games

Applications abound as do financial opportunities!
We look at both and: win, win, win, win!

Our BRAND TECHNOLOGY brings you:

  • Greater Success in Sales
  • Growth in Market Share
  • Increasing Profit Margin

It’s pure math at heart 🙂

2D to 3D

Colors emit vibrations, which relate to mathematical frequencies, or harmonics, which connect subtly with emotions:

Subtle emotions, connected with form, are instrumental in creating intentional historic references and suggesting new behavior patterns:

Form and color combine through text and art to create emotionally resonant relationships inside of you, suggesting future action:

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We are a new kind of company producing a new kind of deep BRAND TECHNOLOGY.

Complex emotions and satisfying resolving actions may be indemnified together profitably, providing permanent brand royalties even in moving markets.

Prototype ELEV8R xchange hands-free full-screen demo follows
(run on your smartphone for best effect):

The active interface technology demonstrated above hints at the seamless nature of GENR8’s exclusive Brand ELEV8R Technology.

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We have deep experience in our brand DNA, including with the following brands:

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